Build to rent

Build to Rent Professionally Managed by MINT

Build to Rent (BtR) is an emerging trend embraced as a new way to address the growing demand for rental properties.

We are market leaders in this emerging market, managing over 5,000 residential units across Australia. Through our involvement with MINOR HOTELS International, we are working to shape the future of the BtR sector in Australia.

Our significant experience and holistic approach allow us to advise investors, developers and landowners on all aspects of BtR opportunities, now and into the future.

As an international management brand, MINOR adds credibility and confidence to prospective Funders and end-purchasers of the Asset as a well-known and respected brand.

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Designed and constructed with renters in mind

Unlike traditional rental properties, which are often converted from existing buildings or homes, Build to Rent housing is purpose-built for renting from the ground up. This means that everything from the layout and design of the properties to the amenities and services on offer is tailored specifically to the needs of renters.

With MINT’s Build to Rent all aspects of the resident journey are managed and overseen by our team. This hands-on approach to management offers numerous benefits to residents and helps to create a thriving community.

Creating value through efficiency processs

Minor Hotels is an international Brand where tenants and owners in our buildings can live and Holiday with us!

  • Streamlining the management process and operations so that things run smoothly with less input, saving the
    owners additional costs in the long term.
  • Technology integration for tenancy and management efficiency.
  • Standardised processes for staff and tenants to follow for consistency.
  • A cloud-based property management structure allowing ease of accessibility.
Efficiency Measures:
  • Long-term cost control for building maintenance.

  • Staff structures, utilising our core head-office staff for efficiency.

  • Utilising technology and our established management system to maintain high service and accessibility for tenants.

  • Tracking Maintenance of key infrastructure such as Air-con units/drains/paint to ensure the long-term efficiency of the building.

Reducing tenant turnover and letting fees incurred by ensuring:
  • A harmonious environment for tenants.

  • An Accessible property management team.

  • Fast application processing to ensure hard-won tenant applications are not lost.

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Build to Rent benefits for tenants

Build to Rent apartments are thoughtfully designed with renters in mind, which means they can offer more flexibility than traditional buy-to-let properties. For tenants, this may mean shorter rental agreements, or the ability to move between properties within the same development if their needs change.

We provide tenants with enhanced flexibility in lease terms while maintaining long-term security.

Our comprehensive approach includes professional management seamlessly integrated with building management.

Our purpose-built properties prioritise the needs and preferences of tenants, ensuring a tailored and comfortable living experience.

Lease options range from 3 to 6 months or 3 years, with various periods available, subject to tenant approval.

Why choose MINT for Build to Rent

Maximising the long term return

Our team of industry experts specializes in all facets of Build to Rent, offering development and investment consultancy, and agency services. In collaboration with MINT Asset Management and MINT Letting & Management, we provide a holistic service, ensuring a seamless and elevated living experience for our clients.

Join MINT in redefining the future of rental living through Build to Rent innovation. Elevate your expectations, and make your home where MINT is built.


MINT offers a full-service BTR management structure. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Budget Management
  • Fund Reporting
  • Return maximisation
  • Facility, Block and Property Management
  • Resourcing
  • Marketing
  • Letting strategy